A simple and intuitive app. Share your videos on social medias in one click
With our app real estate agents can very easily: > film a property and share the video very quickly and easily on youtube and facebook.
Your video is encoded within 60 seconds (on Iphone 6S)
By its user friendliness Vuyimmo allows you to produce very high quality videos > within only 1 minute and to show the result to your client selling its property..

Just enter the requested information and Vuy Immo does the job. .

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Enjoy Vuyimmo application’s benefits

The innovation of this application can be found essentially in the very simple and quick way you can produce real estate videos with and do the editing..

TEverything is pre-programmed in the application, which allows you to create a professional and well produced video in a very simple and playful way. The user just needs to fill the requested information and then do the filming. Our application does the rest of the job automatically, making the upload of the video of your real estate ad easier.

Being very active and visible on the second largest search engine in the world Youtube is unavoidable.
We have worked hard to better optimize the referencing of the video produced by the Youtube application. No need to be a web professional.
key facts
73% of property owners would rather deal with a real estate agent who produces videos. (real estate and social media study)
98% of real estate researches are made online. Distinguish yourself by using the video : a simple and innovative solution.